These questions are multiple choice – circle the correct answer.

Anzac Day is held on:
  1. 19 April
  2. 27 April
  3. 25 April
  4. 25 March
ANZAC stands for:
  1. Australian and New Zealand Army Corps
  2. Australian and New Zealand Artillery Company
  3. American and New Zealand Army Corps
  4. Australian and New Zealand Army Club
Anzac relates to New Zealand soldiers participating in a battle at:
  1. Pearl Harbor
  2. Passchendaele
  3. Gallipoli
  4. Ypres
The first Anzac Day commemoration occurred in:
  1. 1915
  2. 1916
  3. 1939
  4. 1990
A symbol commonly associated with Anzac Day is:
  1. A red poppy
  2. A silver fern
  3. A kiwi
  4. A yellow rose
The Allied forces were at Gallipoli as part of a plan to control which strategic waterway?
  1. Suvla Bay
  2. The Mediterranean Sea
  3. The Dardanelles
  4. The English Channel

Lieutenant-Colonel William George Malone commanded which unit at Gallipoli?
  1. The Wellington Battalion
  2. 'A' Coy. Auckland Regiment
  3. 16th (Waikato) Coy
  4. Canterbury Regiment
Who led the Turkish counter-attack at Chunuk Bair?
  1. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk
  2. Sari Bair
  3. Ari Burnu
  4. Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Where was the main Allied landing on the Gallipoli peninsula on 25 April?
  1. Anzac Cove
  2. Suvla Bay
  3. Cape Helles
  4. The Narrows
What battle site at Gallipoli did Brigadier-General Andrew Russell, commander of the New Zealand Mounted Rifles Brigade, refer to as 'an abominable little hill'?
  1. Walker's Ridge
  2. Chunuk Bair
  3. Hill 60
  4. Achi Baba

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